Terms and Conditions

Shinrin-Yoku Forest Therapy is a brand of the company GESSCA Lda., NIF 513652752

The following General Conditions, described below, regulate the relationship between GESSCA Lda. (hereby designated as Gessca) and the client.


In this way, by contracting the services offered (walks, retreats and others) the client assumes the participation in the activity contracted, the risks that it emplies and accepts all the present conditions included in the section “Terms and Conditions”


The general conditions described here can be complemented by particular conditions of each activity.

The particular conditions override and complement the general conditions.


Responsibilities and Risks

The client in the quality of participant in the program and/or activity considers that:

– Recognizes that outdoor activities, in natural settings, imply risks that can incur in various types of damage, be them personal or material to themselves or third party.

– Recognizes also that those risks cannot be eliminated without compromising the essential characteristics of the activity. These damages can result from different factors, namely, falls, exposure to very high or low temperatures, attacks from animals, insect bite.

– Is aware that the activities take place in areas of difficult access which in case of accident means the emergency services can take some time to arrive.

– Recognizes that Gessca Lda staff, look for safety diminishing the risks associated to the activities developed by us, but they cannot ensure the control of factors that they cannot predict.


Therefore, by registering for an activity, the client assumes the following commitments before Gessca Lda and for the due legal effects agrees that:

– I know the program for this activity, the inherent risks and I voluntarily wish to participate;

– I will respect all the rules, orientations, conduct instructions and all type of recommendations that are given to me by the Gessca Lda staff; for my own safety and for the safety of others (participants or not) and for the setting where the activity takes place, be it a natural public area or a private property;

– I have physical and psychological conditions to sustain the effort associated with this program. I do not have any cardiac, respiratory or other disease that limit my capacity to engage in sports activities.


The company Gessca and its staff do not take responsibility for inappropriate of the participants during the activities or for any damage caused to third party (participants or not) or to the natural setting.


In these terms i renounce to the payment of any monies for damage that result from my participation in this activity relative to Gessca Lda.



The duration of the activities is indicative and based on ideal circumstances. This time can be reduced due to climate conditions that are beyond the scope of Gessca Lda. No rights are due because of the change of timings due to these circumstances.


There is a 10-minute tolerance so that all participants may arrive at the place designated as “meeting point” in the activity information page.


Image Rights

Gessca Lda reserves the right to use photographs taken before, during and after the activities for promotional use. Except with written communication that indicates otherwise, the client authorizes the use of photos and videos taken for promotional activities, sent to clients and for publicity and marketing campaigns.



Gessca Lda. has all its activities covered by a Civil Responsibility Insurance.


Reservation of activities

The registration or reservation of the Gessca activity must be done through the reservation forms available in our website: http://shinrin-yokubarcelona.com or through our email booking@shinrin-yoku.pt . Through the act of registration, the client agrees to the payment of the totality of the services for which he/she has registered.


After your contact, you will receive a confirmation email from Gessca Lda, confirming the availability for the activity requested. The reservation of the activity will be confirmed only after written confirmation by Gessca Ld.



In the confirmation email by Gessca Lda, the client will receive the IBAN to which the transfer of the value of the activity should be made. It is necessary to send the proof of payment by email to the Gessca Ltd. contact email (info@shinrin-yoku.pt). In case of need of an invoice receipt, please send Gessca Ltd. the information necessary for issuing the receipt.

– In one day events, the payment is to be made totally through bank transfer.

– In activities that run over one day, the payment is to be made totally through bank transfer.


Cancellations and Refunds

In case of cancellation, the client will be informed as soon as possible. After cancellation you will receive alternative dates or a total refund of all value payed to date.
Gessca reserves the rights to cancel or modify activities in the following cases:
– Not have the minimum number of participants necessary for the activity to take place;
– Unfavorable climate conditions that render the activity non doable.;
– The minimum safety conditions are not complied with;
– Other conditions that render the activity non doable (fires, strong winds, falling of trees, etc.);


In case of cancellation of reservations in these conditions no compensation monies are due.


In case of cancellation of reservation by the client, the total refund of payment will depend on the following conditions:
– 1-day activities, total refund when cancellation is made 48 hours prior to the date of the activity;
– More than one day activities, in consecutive days or not, total refund when cancellation is made 2 weeks before the date of the activity.


It is not possible to cancel the activities that are more than one day long once the activity has been started.


Once the reservation has been made, if the holder does not appear at the date, time and place scheduled without having made a cancellation or change in the terms described above, he or she will lose all rights inherent to the activity, namely the right to a new date.


Privacy policy


For the purposes of the regulations in force regarding the protection of personal data, we inform you that the personal data that you may provide us while browsing our website will be incorporated into a data processing whose responsible is GESSCA LDA. with the sole purpose of being able to manage your request, as well as send you technical, operational and commercial information, by any means, including electronic mail and / or equivalent means, about products, services, offers and news that we consider of interest. The user, in the event that he has provided his email address to access some of the services offered may express that he does not wish to receive any type of communication through this means, provided that it is not strictly linked to the purpose for which it is sent. requested the service.


In the case of commercial communications sent by email or equivalent means, the User gives us his express consent for the sending of publicity by this means. Likewise, we inform you that you can exercise the revocation of your authorization without retroactive effects by writing to info@shirin-yoku.pt


GESSCA LDA., Is committed to fulfilling its obligation of secrecy of personal data and its duty to keep them; and will adopt the necessary measures to avoid alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorized access, taking into account at all times the state of the technology, complying with the technical and organizational security measures established by law.


The User will respond, in any case, to the truthfulness of the data provided, reserving GESSCA the right to exclude from the registered services any user who has provided false information, without prejudice to other legal actions. It is recommended to have the utmost diligence in terms of Data Protection through the use of security tools, not being able to hold GESSCA responsible for theft, modification or loss of illicit data.


Likewise, we inform you that you have the possibility to exercise at any time and for free, the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of your data and revocation of your authorization without retroactive effects, in the terms specified in the Law, as to the legally established procedure, by email to info@shirnin-yoku.pt.


In the case of cancellation and revocation by the interested party of their express consent for the processing of their personal data, GESSCA may terminate the provision of the service that was, in the case in which said data were necessary for an optimal provision of the service.


Vouchers Offer

The Vouchers take the form of an online voucher, marketed at www.shinrin-yoku.pt, and you can enjoy the tours in the indicated locations.


Offer Vouchers are considered valid after payment being its  payment the respective proof.


The purchase of a Voucher implies acceptance without reservation, either by the purchasers or the bearers, of these General Terms and Conditions, as well as their full and complete adhesion to the respective conditions, which will prevail over any other document.


Vouchers are valid for one year, from the respective date of payment, so that the experience scheduling, as well as its occurrence, will have to occur within the expected period, under penalty of irrevocable loss of the rights conferred by the offer voucher.


Within the validity period mentioned above, the Vouchers serve as payment method of the selected experience.


The registration or reservation of the Gessca activity by the holder of the Vouchers must be carried out in the reservation form available on our website: http://shinrin-yokubarcelona.com


The schedule will be considered valid and definitive when the holder of the Offer Vouchers receives the confirmation of the services from Gessca, Ltd by email.


On the day of the experience, the bearer of the Vouchers shall deliver the same as payment method with the requested data completed  and an identification document to the guides of Gessca, Ltd.


The description of the experiment may change without prior notice (in particular regarding duration, restrictions, among others). Without prejudice to the provisions, if Gessca Lda is contingent on altering or withdrawing the experience, this unavailability will not imply the return of the Vouchers nor the refund of the purchaser, granting the right to substitute the experience withdrawn by another of the same quality and equivalent price.


In the event of non-use, loss, theft or destruction of the Voucher, the bearer and / or purchaser may not require any compensation or use. Offer Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash and must be used at the indicated date.


Contact, Suggestions and Claims

If you need any information, have a suggestion to or any type of complaint, please connect with us.

Your opinion is important for Shinrin-Yoku Barcelona. Please contact with us at: info@shinrin-yoku.pt